Is Accounts Receivable Financing
The Right Solution for Your Business? 

AR Financing
Immediately Access Capital
Tied Up In Receivables

What problem does factoring solve?
Most corporate sales, especially those to large customers, require that you offer payment terms typically 30, 60 to 90 days.  You can offer the terms or turn away the business. Both choices can be unacceptable if your company has limited cash reserves and cannot afford to wait up to eight weeks for payment.  Factoring improves your cash flow and provides a solid financial base for growth. Your financing line can easily grow with your revenues and can support expansion. In most instances, line increases can be approved quickly and do not require that you repeat the underwriting process.
How does factoring work ?
Most factoring transactions finance your invoices in two instalments---the first installment of 80% of your receivables is wired to your bank account as soon as you invoice your client for completed work.  The second installment covers the remaining 20% and is wired as soon as your customer pays the invoice in full, on their regular schedule. The funding fee ( 1-4% every 30 days) is often deducted from the second installment. 
Notice of Assignment and verifications
Prior to financing invoices for a specific customer, the factor must send them a Notice of Assignment. This document informs the client of the financing relationship and provides them with the new remittance address. This document is usually sent only at the beginning of the relationship.  Most invoices submitted for financing are verified prior to funding. This common process among factors ensures that clients receive the goods/services as invoiced and that they have no complaints.

Industries Served
Staffing agencies | Trucking companies | Freight brokers | Business services | Manufacturing | Wholesale | Technology 
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