Simple Easy & Convientient Way to Finance
Your Next House Flip

Fix & Flip 
$50k to $20 Million

Up to 80% LTC
6 to 12 Month Terms
8-13% Rates
​SFR , 2-4 Units, MFR

6, 9 or 12 month term with no prepay
7.5% - 12% interest only rates
2 - 5 points
Up to 90% of cost / 75% of ARV
Can include rehab funds on a line of credit
Fund in 7-10 days
SFRs, 1 - 4 unit residential property
5 or more unit apartment buildings as well

Cross Properties
Can cross existing properties for collateral on new purchases up to 65% of as is value on cross


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What Are The Transactional Funding Fees?
1% of the purchase price up to $499,999 (minimum fee of $750) and 2% of the purchase price from $500,000 to $1,000,000. $500 processing fee which covers wire and release charges.  There are NO UPFRONT FEES, NO ADDITIONAL FEES, and NO FEES if the transaction does not close.
Is Credit a Factor
There are no personal financial requirements to obtain Transactional Funding. We do not run your credit and do not require bank statements, tax returns, etc.
Extended Transactional Funding 
Up to 6 Months
660+ Credit & Clean Background Required
We can offer 100% Extending Transactional Funding Option on non-owner occupied 1-4 family properties. 
Time frame 6 months provided the LTV on the property is 80% or lower--Maximum Loan Size: $200,000
1st Position, purchase only with intent to wholesale. Rate 10% | $1000 processing fees | 4 points | Interest Only
Appraisal Required