Is Purchase Order Financing
The Right Solution for Your Business? 

Purchase Order Financing
Don't Miss A Business Opportunity
For Lack of Capital

What problem does purchase order financing solve?
Purchase Order Financing (PO Financing) is a funding option for businesses that need cash for single or multiple customer orders. In many companies, cash flow problems exist. There will be times where there is not enough money available to cover the costs of doing business.
When will purchase order financing work for me?
You buy and then resell products without any modifications or customizations
Your company does not directly manufacture the products that you sell
Your gross margins are at least 20%
Your suppliers have a good track record of delivering products and are in good financial shape
Your customers have good commercial credit
Your purchase orders are non-cancelable and have no consignment or guaranteed sale terms
Your orders are for a minimum of $50,000
Basically, purchase order funding helps resellers/distributors that have received a purchase order exceeding their current funding abilities and need financing to fulfill it. 
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